Welcome, I’m Chelle!

Want to know something wild about writing an introduction of yourself? It forces you to sit down and truly ask yourself, “ Who am I?” I can answer that one of two ways: How I have always answered it – my name, age, occupation, my titles in life, what my favorite drink is or 
I could write who I am, who I aspire to be, and bring my words into fruition.
I am a lover.
I am spontaneous, I am an explorer of life.
I am like the ocean. I am peaceful, yet straightforward.
I have depth but will meet you where you are. I surrender to the flow of life, yet honor the power within me.
I am an empathetic woman, I feel the energy of everything around me. Through feeling I have learned to truly enjoy making the most out of the glorious life I have.
I choose to be present in every moment of my life. I stop to admire and smell flowers, I sit in stillness to enjoy the sounds of my surroundings, I pause to capture moments of life.
I enjoy every minute soaking up all the feels of life.
I am an ambitious woman.
I am devoted to my goals, my growth, and my purpose.
I am grounded. Even when I’m floating, I always find my way.
I am a free spirit.
I am a representation of my ancestors and an advocate for humanity.
I am intentional.
I am inspired .
I am here taking you along on my journey of life, while cultivating a community that will connect over the love of travel, and self discovery.


I started this blog as an introduction of myself to the world, but somehow became a reintroduction of myself, to myself.

I began this blog to reconnect with me and get back to the root of who I truly am (you know…before all the trauma). As a child, I loved to write. I would have journals full of poems, short stories and found comfort in journaling. It encouraged me to reflect and release what I could not say out loud. Around 13 years old, I stopped writing because my life felt so sad on paper. I hated it and I told myself that I wouldn’t write another word until I really had something good to say. Well ….now I’ve got some things to say. 

My life isn’t perfect, or what I had initially envisioned for myself. I realized that the goal in life isn’t the destination, it’s learning how to enjoy and embrace the journey. The victories are not in my success but in my struggles. I now choose to continue writing, using it as a vessel to heal myself. I am engraving my words here as a legacy and instruction manual for my daughter. I am breaking the generational cycles. I am healing wounds with my words, I am creating a life of abundance that will provide for our family forever. I believe my purpose in life is to use my words to speak my truth, share my journey and heal others with evidence that divine plans were always laid out for me (and you too)!

Traveling has also aided my healing journey. It has helped me face fears that would have hindered me from truly experiencing life. My first solo trip was a pivotal moment that I will never forget. When I got off the plane my spirit was instantly ignited. I was overcoming my fears, falling in love with life and all its personality. Traveling has introduced me to the real experience of immersing yourself in the real life of a city. Not just gallivanting in another country, flaunting your wealth, and searching for the “most instagrammable locations”. Which, don’t get me wrong is still cool, I enjoy capturing a moment too, but there’s something special about immersing yourself into where you are, to get lost and embark on an adventure that will create memories that will last lifetime.  



this is my space to share all of life’s lessons, greatest adventures, words of encouragement, & CREATE epic memories along the way. 

As you navigate your way through my world, I hope to inspire you to seek new adventures and you feel empowered to take on the journey with courage and confidence.